Organizing and Simplifying My Life

Shopping - A Cup of Kathy

I always enjoy thumbing through the Bed Bath and Beyond (BBB) fliers I get in the mail. Sometimes I even get a little giddy when I see items that inspire me to organize my home or make my life easier. Such was the case with the most recent BBB flier I received.

I was so inspired, in fact, that I grabbed my credit card, as well as my BBB coupons (including the $10.00 one from the back of the most recent flier, and some expired coupons that BBB gladly accepts) and headed out earlier today. Continue reading

Winning The Midweek Lottery

Shopping - A Cup of Kathy

I won the lottery on Tuesday, April 16, 2019, and as you can imagine I’m pretty pumped about it. I’m not disappointed when I say there was no large sum of money involved; in fact I didn’t win any money…my “win” was still a very good one, though – and since I’m feeling lucky, I’m inspired to “share” my story with you. Continue reading

Be A Savvy Shopper

Shopping - A Cup of Kathy

Some people like to search for rare antiques. Others enjoy the hunt for an unusual, uncommon or fine record, book or piece of art. But as a savvy shopper, my passion is the thrill of the chase as I scour the bargain trail for great deals.

Because there’s nothing like finding a deep discount on quality items my family and I need now or will use in the future, I’m going to share a few tips and tricks to help you do the same. Continue reading