About Me - A Cup of Kathy

Hello and welcome. I’m Kathy. Pull up a chair and get comfortable. May I offer you a beverage…perhaps “A Cup of Kathy”?

Here you’ll find inspiring ideas and recipes for making your life easier, tastier and more enjoyable.

My passions include bargain hunting, cooking and trying new recipes, the beach, traveling, writing, reading and listening to music. The thrill of hunting down a good bargain gets me every time, as does saving money. I also like to try new recipes, give them my special touch and take pride in tantalizing the taste buds of my gracious husband/taste tester, Dave.

My love affair with the beach began as a youngster, spending many family weekends at the Connecticut coastline. Oh, how I loved the water, often only emerging when my skin resembled a prune or the sun was setting and there was a chill in the air.

As an adult, I succumbed to the sea’s siren-like call as she lured me in with the enticing scent of fresh saltwater air and hypnotic waves lapping the shoreline. Add a walk on the beach and some shell picking (okay, lots of shell picking), and I’ve got a perfect day. And a little rain? No problem.

In recent years, Dave and I have discovered that mid-Cape Cod is one of our happy places. And with each trip (five and counting since 2015), we explore a new beach and a new town as well as frequenting what have become our favorite haunts. I’ll be featuring these locations in a series of posts entitled “My Favorite Places” in the coming months. We figure after another 100 trips or so, we just might have our fill of Cape Cod. Haha, who’re we kidding…that’ll never happen.

Seems like I’ve always been writing, creating, painting pictures with words. In high school, my 10th grade English teacher, Elise McCarthy, inspired me to explore my love of writing – so I skipped the kiddie pool and jumped in the deep end, immersing myself in writing for our school newspaper, creative writing magazine, and yearbook, as well as serving as a correspondent for our local daily newspaper’s Saturday Youth Page.

My Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Secondary Education/English have served me well. I’ve written news, sports and feature stories for local daily, weekly and monthly newspapers. While spending two decades as an Assistant Director of Sports Information in the Central Connecticut State University athletic department, I produced countless feature stories, media guides, game notes and game stories, and served as the media contact for volleyball, women’s basketball, softball, and men’s and women’s tennis.

I’ve been toying with the idea of creating an inspirational lifestyle blog for a while…and thanks to the encouragement, support, and web design skills of my #1 fan and better half, Dave, I present to you “A Cup of Kathy.” I hope you enjoy it and become part of my story.

Cheers, Kathy

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