So Long Summer…Hello Harvest Time

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Since we’d had already been inundated with Autumnal, Halloween, Thanksgiving and yes even Christmas displays in stores, and our calendars said it was still Summer through September 21st, we were inspired to enjoy every last minute of it in a favorite place of ours – Cape Cod!

Please don’t misunderstand.  I’m a big Autumn fan.  I’m also a big Summer fan, along with enjoying the season right up to the last day before Fall rolls around.  Spring is a “meh” for me because of all the rain, and don’t get me started about all the things I don’t like about Winter (and yes, I’ve lived all of my life in New England).

So off to Cape Cod and some of our favorite activities, starting with beaches.  The water is still warm enough to go in, and sometimes we even have a beach all to ourselves.  There are fewer tourists because school is back in session.  There’s less traffic.  Wait time is shorter – if there is any – for restaurants.

We beached at old favorites and found new ones to enjoy.  We felt a deep refreshment in our souls as we enjoyed watching the waves, so relentless as they sometimes lapped and sometimes beat the shoreline.  We watched Sandpipers skirt the coast and then skitter away with every wave.  We marveled at the number of Horseshoe Crab shells that littered the sand. 

We ate at favorite restaurants as well as new ones.  We enjoyed hearty Irish breakfasts as well as meals of fried clam (for me) and fish and chips (for the Haunted Pen).  And yes, there was a trip (okay, a couple of trips) to Dairy Queen for Oreo Fudge Brownie Blizzards.

There was time for reading.  I polished off lengthy tomes by CJ Box and the second Women’s Murder Club book from James Patterson and Andrew Gross.  I can’t keep up with what (my better half) The Haunted Pen) reads – he’s a voracious bibliophile.  We had time for writing –seems like The Haunted Pen and I’ve been writing most of our lives.  We visited and sampled offerings in different coffee shops.  And there was of course some time for that great cure-all, retail therapy (which I was the one enjoying, lol). A trip to The Hyannis Trader Joe’s, which sells beer and wine, did yield some tipple we both indulged in.  

We did our best to bid a fond farewell to Summer in grand fashion. 

Now that Fall is officially here, I can enjoy:  the rich hues of Mother Nature as she brings out the Autumnal palette of earth tones; the tasty bounty of apple cider and apple cider donuts; leaf-peeping around New England; and crisp mornings.  I just wasn’t ready for trying on winter coats in July; have pumpkin spice anything in August; or apple cider and apple cider donuts in September (um, well, I did cheat on Summer and bought freshly made apple cider donuts at Price Chopper in September…buy six for $4.99 and get six free, so how could I refuse an offer that good?  Yeah, I know.  I’m weak.).

How have you embraced Fall 2021? 

Drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you.

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