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Now that summer has officially ended (Boo – more on that in my next blog), I’m inspired to begin decorating for autumn (Yeah – I know, I’ve contradicted myself).

A trip to Walmart and Dollar Tree stoked my desire to use the mums I have on the back patio as my first foray into fall 2021 decorating, starting with my front steps.

The pumpkin was $1.24 in Walmart; the two buckets were $1.00 each at Dollar Tree. They’re a good start.

I also picked up a spooky Halloween sign at Dollar Tree, and that will go into a flower bed once I do a little weeding. I saw garlands of leaves in Walmart that will look good wending their way along the rich wooden sill of my bow front window. Some plastic acorns in autumnal bursts of orange, rust and green caught my eye in DT, and I’ll use them in two vases with artificial flowers that mimic their colors. They’ll be nestled in the center of the front window leaves.

Sure looks like my creative energy has kicked in, which is a good thing since I think I need to bring a bit of autumn into each room of the house.

Do you decorate for the seasons and holidays?

Drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you.

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