Good Things In Tiny Packages

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Ever wonder if you could recycle those silica packets that come with things like electronics, leather shoes, handbags, prescriptions and vitamins?  I have and was inspired to find ways to reuse them rather than tossing them away.  I know it may sound small, but it’s one more thing I can do to reuse rather than add to a growing mountain of trash. 

Just remember – keep the packets away from children and pets because they should never be ingested.  And since the moisture-absorbent silica can lose its effectiveness over time, dry out the packs and recharge them with a stint in the sun.

We’ve had a long stretch of humid weather and I got tired of having bread turn moldy so quickly…and since the silica packets absorb moisture, I decided to toss two into our loaf of honey wheat bread.  Result – the bread has stayed fresher longer. 

I now tape a silica packet securely to the inside of the container lids to help maintain the freshness of coffee, rice and pasta.

Why not toss a couple of packets into your gym bag, which can be a hotbed for odors and moisture.  You’ll be glad you did, and so will others.  The silica absorbs the smell and sweat from your t-shirts, shorts, towels, athletic shoes and socks.  That’s a win-win for everyone.

A couple of silica packets in with your silverware will keep it from tarnishing…and if you’ve ever had to polish silverware, you’ll appreciate this.

I’m a big sterling silver jewelry fan.  Storing those pieces with silica packets keeps them from tarnishing, so I can wear and enjoy them more often without having to polish them first.

I’ve bought my husband two first edition books as gifts and each has had a bit of a smell.  I placed each book in a paper bag along with a couple of silica packs for a couple of days, and the smell was gone.

Were/are you an avid collector of baseball cards, Garbage Pail cards or other collectibles? Protect your treasures with some silica packets to ensure they’re kept in great condition.

Add a couple of silica packets to important documents, like birth and marriage certificates, to keep them protected during long-term storage.

I enjoy growing plants from seeds collected from my garden.  Unfortunately, some seeds fall victim to mold from moisture during storage.  Now I add a few silica packets to my seeds so they can be safely stored for next season’s use.

Though I mostly use Arm and Hammer liquid clothes detergent, I also use Tide powder, which clumps in humid weather.  A couple of silica packs in the box keep my Tide clump-free and ready-to-use.

Amazing, isn’t it, all the uses you can find for those little silica packets. 

What are some of your favorite ways to reuse silica packets?

Drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you.

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