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Meatloaf. Meatloaf. Meatloaf. You couldn’t pay me to eat it in my younger days. People raved about my Mom’s meatloaf, but I wouldn’t even try a small piece.

Imagine how surprised (shocked?) I was when I grudgingly acquiesced and made the dump meatloaf my husband found the recipe for, and liked it. I really liked it. In fact, we all did.

My mind started racing after that life-changing moment. I was inspired. I did some musing about what ingredients would lend themselves to changing up the meatloaf recipe, and out of that, my stuffed meatloaf recipe was born. It was quick, easy and delicious – a box of stuffing, a pound of either 93% lean ground beef or 93% lean ground turkey, an egg and a cup of warm water. Told you it was easy. And those are ingredients I always have on hand. I topped it with a thick layer of honey BBQ sauce and baked it at 350 degrees Fahrenheit in a pre-heated oven for 35-45 minutes.

My latest meatloaf iteration came about after I created my latest Cottage Pie iteration (topped with shredded potatoes and condensed Cheddar Cheese soup instead of mashed potatoes).

This time, I added a couple of cups of shredded potatoes (defrosted in the microwave first) to the ground beef/egg/water/stuffing already in my bowl. After combining the ingredients with my hands, I placed the mixture into my favorite (Wilton) loaf pan and topped it with Kansas City BBQ sauce. Into the oven it went, and 40 minutes later I slid a clean knife into the center, and when it came out clean, I knew the meatloaf was thoroughly cooked.

Yes, no surprise, this version was a winner with my family. And I’ve found that not only am I a fan of meatloaf as an entrée, it also makes a pretty darn good sandwich between two slices of Cheesecake Factory brown bread.

How do you like your meatloaf?

Drop me a line and share your ideas. I’d love to hear from you.

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