Harbingers of Spring

My Favorite Things - A Cup of Kathy

A carpet of snow blankets the ground. The temperature on a good day hovers around the freezing mark. On bad days, it dips into the mid-20s. On really bad days, the temperature plummets into single digits. And then you factor in the wind chill. Welcome to winter in New England. Since I’ve lived my whole life here, you’d think I’d be used to it.

I loved winter and snow as a kid. We went ice skating, and we built many a fort and igloo. We even played in the forts and igloos for hours on end. We were fearless.

As I got older, the appeal of snow and cold weather wore off. I don’t ski or snowshoe. And the bloom has sure fallen off of the snow shoveling rose. I prefer to stay indoors, warm and cozy with my Kohl’s BIG ONE blanket, a cup of chai tea latte, and a good book.

As I pulled out of the garage on a recent afternoon, bundled up, and heading to the grocery store, I saw a foreign site. There was a large presence in the sky. After a minute spent pondering, I was pretty certain it was the sun, making an appearance.

I happened to glance over to my pink rose plant bed and saw a lone bloom amid a sea of green weeds. I also saw green sprouts poking out of the soil near a shrub. It seems this sun sighting has well and truly confused a crocus as well as a bunch of daffodils about what season it is.

Yes, Virginia, there will be spring in New England. I look forward to feeling the warming caress of the sunshine on my skin. I can’t wait to welcome open windows, lighter curtains, the smell of freshly mown grass; the cheeriness of a plant bed resplendent with the lush scents and colors of hyacinths, daffodils, Easter lilies, and tulips; the crack of the bat as a full baseball season bursts onto the scene; and the dawn chorus of the birds who serenade me with their tweets, twitters, cheeps, and chirps.

I do admit this “new life” – the harbinger of a long-awaited and much-anticipated spring – inspires me so that I’ll gladly take the enjoyment of the wheat (the spring season) with the work the chaff (weeds) bring.

Have you noticed signs of the
coming spring season?

Drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you.

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