The Big Chill

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Cold. That would be an understatement to describe the weather here in New England. It’s been frigid some days; others have been downright cold; some days have actually reached freezing point of 32 degrees Fahrenheit; and some are considered chilly. And please don’t mention the snow! I’ve learned to enjoy the chilly days, LOL, as I think about the coming of Spring.

Temps in the low single digits before the wind chill factor, and temps that only reach the mid 20’s have me reaching for ways to keep my family warm as we await spring.

My favorite store, Kohl’s, has inspired more than a few ways to bring comfort to my family inside our home and when they venture outside. I’ve purchased our winter coats, Columbia fleece jackets, chunky scarves, gloves, hats, sweatshirts, boots, Cuddle Duds flannel sheets and comforters all at Kohl’s. One of my best finds has been BIG ONES blankets – the perfect way to wrap yourself in 5 feet x 6 feet of lush coziness.

I’ve photographed my blanket (the one with dogs in Halloween costumes) and Dave’s (blue reindeers and snowflakes) to share with you – and if you touch the computer/tablet/phone screen, you can almost feel the plushness!

I got them on sale, and with my 30% off coupon, well, I feel like they were practically giving them away. The blankets normally sell for $29.99 each, but as I’ve said more than a few times, it’s seldom that I ever pay full price at Kohl’s. Just about everything goes on sale, and then as the season wanes, gets reduced for clearance…plus charge customers (yes, I have a Kohl’s charge card and I know how to use it) receive at least 12 discounts of up to 30% off a year.

The other BIG ONES in the family are a red reindeer and snowflake print (which is part of an emergency kit in the trunk of the car), a brightly-striped one and a duplicate one like my husband’s. With a family, you can never have enough comforting warmth and coziness.

How do you keep you and your
family warm and cozy?

Drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you.

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