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I like bread. My family likes bread. Good bread. Not the Wonder white bread a lot of people grew up on. We like multigrain…sourdough…ciabatta…tomato basil…crusty French baguettes…and now we have a new favorite.

We’ve always enjoyed the breads, especially the brown, served at Cheesecake Factory. But it’s not always convenient to go there for lunch or dinner, whether we were dining in (which we preferred, though they get very crowded “back in the day pre-COVID-19,”) or doing the pandemic takeout (because of the long drive home).

During a trip to Price Rite (which is owned by Shop Rite), I found Cheesecake Factory sliced brown bread, brown baguettes and brown dinner rolls – all with no preservatives or artificial flavors. Talk about excited. I bought a loaf for $2.99 (which I now see was a much better price than the $4.99 Stop & Shop charges) and we tore through it mighty quickly. It was so good for sandwiches and toast, I returned for a second loaf…and a third…

With 80 calories per slice and lots of full-bodied flavor, Cheesecake Factory’s Famous Brown Bread (Wheat Sandwich Bread) is a winner with us. We’re hooked.

Do you have a favorite bread when you need a good bread fix?

Drop me a line and share your favorite. I’d love to hear from you.

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