Thankful For Family and Green Bean Casserole

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What’s a Thanksgiving dinner without a side of green bean casserole?

We enjoyed another sumptuous repast – AKA Thanksgiving Dinner – at the home of my cousin Robert and his wife Sue.

Their house was teeming with family enjoying hors d’oeuvres, football, and each others’ company as we caught up on everyone’s news. We also eagerly anticipated an outstanding meal judging by the tantalizing and tempting scents emanating from the kitchen.

The table was lovely, and the star, the turkey, was plump, moist, cooked to perfection and delicious. This turkey lover was in heaven. They (and when I say they, I mean both Sue and Robert were responsible for the delights of our feast) made two different kinds of stuffing…fresh green beans…butternut squash…mashed potatoes…gravy.…and collard greens.

My small contribution to the meal, made Thanksgiving morning, was Green Bean Casserole, and I’m pleased to note that I left with a clean and empty three-quart casserole dish.

We’ve never had a bad meal when Sue and Robert were our hosts, so accepting their invitation was a no brainer. Sue is not only a good cook, but she can also bake, too. Her apple and blueberry pies were just the right combination of filling and crust.

Cousin Robert is also pretty handy in the kitchen. He made both stuffings, with one including cranberries for a festive touch, and a collard greens dish. I tried the collard greens last year and joked that I needed two helpings to be sure I liked it. I sure did, and I admit to being glad collard greens had been included for Thanksgiving 2019. I will also admit to having two helpings of it. No one left the table hungry or disappointed.

I made a second three-quart Green Bean Casserole on Thanksgiving morning, done by tweaking Campbell’s decades-old, tried-and-true recipe using an addendum to the original instructions. It’s in our fridge…and it’s the subject of my next blog.

Do you have a go-to dish you make for the holidays?

Drop me a line in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

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