Chili Fever

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Though I’m not wishing away any last vestiges of summer, I had a serious hankering for chili on Tuesday.

Plus, I had spent the morning doing housework, so my tummy grumbles inspired me to prepare a hearty meal that wasn’t labor intensive – and that suited me perfectly.

I browned one pound of 93% lean ground turkey. I mixed two cans of no salt added petite diced tomatoes, one undrained can of red kidney beans, and two packets of Stop & Shop Chili Seasoning into a large bowl. I’ve been making chili for some years, and have tried most of the chili seasonings on the market. Because no one in my family likes spicy goods, the Stop & Shop Chili Seasoning works best for us.

If there had been grease in the skillet after I browned the turkey, I would’ve drained it. Since there wasn’t, I poured the tomatoes/kidney beans/seasonings mixture into the skillet, stirred it, and let it simmer.

Dinner was pretty much done and dusted.

I always serve chili with shredded cheddar cheese, and a dollop (or more likely two large dollops – but I do buy the low-fat version) of sour cream at the table. Sometimes the mixture is served over baked potatoes; other times, I top rice with the chili; and since variety is the spice of life, another option we enjoy is to dive in and eat the chili with scoop-shaped tortilla chips instead of cutlery, lol.

No matter how I serve chili, it’s always a big hit with my family.

Do you have a hearty go-to meal you enjoy preparing and serving your family?

Drop me a line in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

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