Everything Old Is New Again

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Until my oh so thoughtful husband presented me with a Luncheon Set for my birthday, I didn’t know what one was, and I didn’t know I needed one. And now, (much like my husband), it’s indispensable. I can’t imagine how I got along without it (or him).

I have a collection of bone china teacups and saucers in a variety of styles and patterns – and using them has inspired me to throw a tea party or three.

My husband has seen me balance one of those teacups on a saucer, along with a snack as I settle in for some “me time.” Sounds like an accident waiting to happen, doesn’t it? We both said there had to be a better way for me to indulge in a spot of tea and a pastry (ok, more likely, two pastries).

And now with my Luncheon Set and its timeless beauty and sense of style, I can have a tea party for one when I enjoy a cup of tea, a couple of sweet nibbles, and a good book squirreled away in my reading nook. Talk about a decadence I can enjoy year-round. The teas change, the treats change, but the enjoyment I get from the thoughtfulness of my husband never changes.

Puzzled as to what a Luncheon Set is? I was. I had never heard of Luncheon Sets (also called Snack Sets), so I decided to check with my old friend Google, and see what they were all about.

What may have been collecting dust in your grandmother’s china cabinet is again in vogue. Seems they were popular in the 1950s and used by the well-coiffed and well-dressed “ladies who lunch” for a variety of events like tea parties, bridal showers, garden parties, christenings, anniversary parties, brunches, and card parties. Like I said, “Everything Old Is New Again.”

What makes a Luncheon Set a remarkable and practical invention is the little indent in the plate, into which the foot of the teacup fits, to keep it in position. It was designed for sipping and snacking, and its portability encouraged mingling, so parties usually flowed nicely.

Back in the day, most women owned one set that contained four plates and four cups. When it was party time, a hostess would borrow enough Luncheon Sets from family members and friends to ensure she had enough to serve her guests.

A quick look on eBay and Etsy showed an abundance of vintage Luncheon Sets for sale…and since variety is the spice of life, something tells me there may be another Luncheon Set, or two, in my future.

Are you familiar with Luncheon Sets? Do you own one or more?

Drop me a line in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

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