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Shopping - A Cup of Kathy

I always enjoy thumbing through the Bed Bath and Beyond (BBB) fliers I get in the mail. Sometimes I even get a little giddy when I see items that inspire me to organize my home or make my life easier. Such was the case with the most recent BBB flier I received.

I was so inspired, in fact, that I grabbed my credit card, as well as my BBB coupons (including the $10.00 one from the back of the most recent flier, and some expired coupons that BBB gladly accepts) and headed out earlier today.

Three hours later, I’m sitting here feeling pretty pleased with my purchases, and can’t wait to share them with you.

When our clothes dryer buzzes, I’m off like a flash to remove the laundry. This way, I seldom have to iron, and that suits me just fine. And yet, I bought a Black + Decker Advanced Steam Iron (a BBB exclusive) today. Have I succeeded in puzzling you? I can use it like a regular steam iron…or…I can use it vertically, like a steamer, and I’ve got some curtains that would benefit from some steam refreshment. I’m pretty pleased that I can leave the curtains on the rod while I steam them, which makes my life easier. Problem solved.

I bought another BBB exclusive, a set of 12 stackable clear plastic shoe boxes. What women doesn’t own shoes, shoes…and wait for it…more shoes. I have black high heels, black mid heels, black low heels, black flats, and multiple pairs of black casual shoes. There’s not enough room on the closet floor for my shoes…and I don’t want to use a shoe rack, or two, since I prefer my shoes to be covered and protected when not in use.

I can now store them in the newly purchased shoe boxes. Since I can see inside, I’ve eliminated the guesswork as to what’s inside. Multiple problems solved.

And then there are my other shoes…brown, navy, bone, a rainbow of colors and styles…so I best get another BBB coupon ready for my next trip!

My last purchase was another BBB exclusive. A shower curtain. Yes, I said shower curtain. Disappointed? Curious as to what makes it special? Built in flex rings mean I don’t have to fiddle with curtain rings, which will make installation quick and easy. The curtain also has a translucent panel at the top that lets in light. I’ve often thought that I’d like it to be a little brighter in the shower as I’m sudsing up and rinsing. Problem solved.

My purchases were $19.99, 14.99, and $29.99 respectively – a grand total of $79.10 with tax – but with coupons of $10.00, $5.00, and 20% ($3.50), I spent just over $50.00 (a mere 0.60 over, in fact). I’m feeling pretty accomplished after today’s shopping trip. Of course tomorrow, I’ll need to put my purchases to use…


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