The Dinner Conundrum

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It’s hot. I know, summer has a habit of being hot. I had the air conditioners and fans going, so lighting the oven or spending a lot of time working the stove certainly didn’t appeal to me today. But I did need to make dinner for my family.

What to make…what to make…the age-old question. I stuck my head in the fridge, rummaged around a bit, cooled off a bit, and hoped for some inspiration.

Hmmm…a pound of ground beef…fresh broccoli crowns…they both looked promising. I knew I had a bottle of Kikkoman Teriyaki Marinade/Sauce on hand, and a package of Minute Rice.

Feeling inspired, I browned the beef (I used 85% lean, which I had bought on sale), and drained the grease. I washed the broccoli and then steamed the florets in the microwave.

I mixed the cooked beef and the bottle of teriyaki sauce, added the broccoli, and mixed again. I covered the dish to keep it hot, while I fired up the microwave, this time for the rice.

I served my beef and broccoli teriyaki creation over the rice, and it was a hit.

Sometimes, you just have to freestyle in the kitchen and see what you come up with. My off the cuff recipe turned out to be a keeper.


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