Oh My Aching…

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Most people can easily fill that blank in with a body part or two that gives them grief. After having carpal tunnel surgery on both wrists about 15 years ago, and being a writer who spends a good deal of time sitting and working at a computer, I make every effort to protect my hands, wrists, and back.

I’ve taken care to set up my home office to be as ergonomically efficient as possible and it all starts with my workstation. The 24-inch monitor is positioned at the correct height to ensure I don’t strain my neck or eyes while working.

I sit on a fully adjustable office chair with levers that allow me to ‘dial in’ the exact amount of support and resistance to best suit me while still being comfortable. My keyboard sits on a lowered shelf so my wrists are always in a relaxed position while I type. I also use a sculpted mouse, which provides maximum wrist comfort because its shape is designed to give me a relaxed and natural posture for my hand, wrist and forearm. This helps prevent wear-and-tear and prevent pain from pesky repetitive stress injuries.

I alternate between wearing compression gloves and copper gloves to help with blood flow, decrease swelling and provide support. I also wear hand warmers when needed. When cursive is called for, I write with a PenAgain ErgoSof ergonomic pen, which I purchased from Amazon around eighteen months ago.

My husband Dave (The Haunted Pen), recently shared a great article by Colleen Story from the inspiring “Writers and Wellness” website entitled “Things To Help You Avoid Hand Pain As A Writer,” which I eagerly read.

Among the seven recommendations she makes to help with the pain of repetitive hand and wrist injuries are a split keyboard and voice-to-text software. Dave uses and endorses Dragon voice-to-text software, as well as a split keyboard paired with an ergonomic bluetooth mouse, which he purchased at Staples.

He and I have also discussed purchasing and using hand grip strengtheners, adding fish oil supplements to our daily diet, and regularly doing the seven stretches designed to avoid and relieve hand pain as detailed in Colleen’s article.

If you suffer with hand pain from excessive computer usage, I urge you to read Colleen’s article and follow her advice. It’s an informative read that will put you on the right path to reduced hand pain. Click HERE to read it.

What exercises or products have you found that help you deal with hand and wrist strain and pain?

Drop me a line in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

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