Summer Panache

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I love scarves. They’re a timeless and easy way to add a flourish to most outfits. They’re also a quick way to accessorize and enhance your style with an effortless touch of flair and an added dash of color.

The choices are endless – square, infinity, oblong, done in silk, chiffon, cotton, jersey, cashmere, wool, poly blend, linen – for casual, classic, business, and sophisticated wear. And oh the colors and prints. So many colors and prints. But all this style isn’t without drawbacks. Sometimes a scarf can feel and look too heavy in warm weather. And who hasn’t stopped every time you pass a mirror to adjust and readjust the drape or the length of your scarf? Been there, done that, many times…too many times.

If only there was a better way…

While browsing the accessory department at Boscov’s recently, I found a light-as-a-feather way to add panache to my outfits. It’s a scarf. It’s a necklace. It’s the best of both worlds, an inspired coupling of a scarf and necklace.

I plucked the scarf necklace from the display, quickly tried it on, and loved it. This would be the perfect summer accessory. The length was just right. The material was light but still hung nicely. The magnetic clasp kept it securely fastened.

I’ve worn it in a variety of ways. Sometimes I like it softly draped. Sometimes I’ll twist the material to give it a different look. I’ve also embellished the scarf with a brooch for a dressier look. Talk about simple and versatile. Talk about foolproof accessorizing. Talk about an inspiring way for me to sparkle, my way.

File this under “Why Didn’t I Think of It?” Sadly, I didn’t. But I was lucky enough to find one at Boscov’s.

What’s Your Stylish Go-To Summer Accessory?

Drop me a line in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

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