Winning The Midweek Lottery

Shopping - A Cup of Kathy

I won the lottery on Tuesday, April 16, 2019, and as you can imagine I’m pretty pumped about it. I’m not disappointed when I say there was no large sum of money involved; in fact I didn’t win any money…my “win” was still a very good one, though – and since I’m feeling lucky, I’m inspired to “share” my story with you.

We have an outlet bakery within a 25-minute drive of home, and I just happened to be in the area doing errands – Walmart Super Center, Price Rite grocery store, and some banking – so I popped into Freihofer’s Bakery Outlet and scooped up some bargains.

My hauled included a package of 12 Sara Lee Artesano Rolls, a loaf of Thomas’ Cinnamon Swirl bread, a package of six Thomas’ Cinnamon Swirl bagels (we do like cinnamon), two packages each containing five Entenmann’s eclairs, and an eight-pack of Arnold Whole Grains 100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Buns, all for…drum roll please to heighten the tension…$6.00. Oh and don’t think the items had sale dates of April 16th or were past their freshness sale dates – that’s not the case. Everything I bought had freshness sale dates of April 23rd!

See what I mean about being lucky?

The regular retail price for all six bakery items would normally have been $30.54, and there’s no way I would’ve spent that. But now, we’re flush with bread and baked goods. When I left the store, my arms were full and so was my wallet.

And yes, my family managed to keep their mitts off of the bagels, bread, rolls, eclairs, and buns until I photographed my baked goods haul for this blog post.

I also scooped up some Easter flowers marked down at Walmart. Dave will tell you I’ve never met a plant I didn’t want to bring home. I inherited my green thumbs from my Dad, and he inherited them from his parents, so I share their love of gardening and landscaping. I also treated myself to new gardening gloves – purple floral print – and I can’t wait to get them dirty.

I brought home two hyacinth plants – and oh how good the car smelled – which now grace our front window and have given the living room a lovely scent; daffodils – which are like sunshine to me and have brightened up the kitchen; and purple (my favorite) tulips, which I hope the squirrels don’t eat. Purple tulips had been my pride and joy, and evidently, they appealed to the neighborhood squirrels, since they dug up and ate the bulbs from our front yard. The tulips are presently giving the den a touch of Spring, but will soon be resting comfortably in their new bed.

Have you bagged a bargain or two lately? Share your haul.

Drop me a line in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

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