Hamburger Soup – A Cup of Kathy Style

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It’s been downright cold here in New England, with temperatures well below freezing – the kinds of days and nights when hunkering down with a hot meal of comfort food, a cozy afghan and a steaming mug of hot chocolate are most appealing, as are thoughts of Spring.

After getting a great buy on three pounds of 85% lean ground beef at my local supermarket, I knew I had the basis for making a couple of hearty and satisfying meals for my family. Chili is always a favorite with us, so deciding to make it was easy.

But what to cook next? What new recipe could I try? How should I use the remaining one and 1/2 pounds of ground beef? So many questions. After a quick online search (how did we manage before Google came along?), this Hamburger Soup recipe from The Recipe Rebel looked like an inspiring way to fit the bill.

A Cup of Kathy - Hamburger Soup

Of course, I needed to make a few tweaks to the recipe, since I wanted to make a large pot of hearty goodness. I used two 32-ounce cartons of vegetable broth and two 14.5-ounce cans of petite diced tomatoes. I increased the salt, pepper and Italian seasoning to my family’s taste…and because the soup seemed a little thin, I cooked one and 3/ 4 cups of white rice and added that to increase the hearty factor.

I’m pleased to say that my take on Hamburger Soup and a freshly baked – but not homemade by me – French baguette did a good job of warming and filling us on a very cold evening. We enjoyed it so much, I’ll be making another pot in a couple of weeks. What tweaks should I try then?

What are some of your favorite cold weather recipes?

Drop me a line in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

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2 thoughts on “Hamburger Soup – A Cup of Kathy Style

  1. Anita Colley says:

    I tried your take on Hamburger Soup over the weekend and it was delicious. Looking forward to many more classic recipes A Cup of Kathy style.


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