Seeing In The New Year With Rosy Cheeks

Celebrate - A Cup of Kathy

Happy New Year! I saw 2019 in with Rosy Cheeks – a delicious cocktail recipe I found on the Better Homes and Gardens web site, which describes Rosy Cheeks as “a cold cocktail shot that gets its luscious texture from whipped cream.”

I was smitten with the idea of an adult beverage that featured whipped cream, Chambord, raspberry vodka and fresh berries…so off to the liquor store I went…where I was greeted by a wealth of raspberry vodka choices. I settled on a bottle of Absolut and then picked up Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur to complete my shopping trip.

At the stroke of midnight, after I raised my glass and toasted to a happy and healthy New Year, my second toast was a thank you to all of you, my readers. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog and Facebook pages and taking the time to comment and lend encouragement…and then it was time for my first taste of Rosy Cheeks. It didn’t disappoint – cold, smooth and fruity, which makes it a winner in my book. You can bet this won’t be the last time I have Rosy Cheeks.

Ingredients – Makes: 8 1 1/2 Ounce Servings
– ½ cup whipping cream
– 2 ounces Chambord (1/4 cup)
– 1 ½ ounces raspberry vodka (3 tablespoons)
– 1 ounce vanilla vodka (2 tablespoons)
– 1/2 cup ice cubes
– 8 fresh raspberries (for garnish)

Directions – Start to Finish: 10 Minutes
1. In a blender, combine whipping cream, Chambord, raspberry vodka, and vanilla vodka.
2. Add ice cubes. Cover and blend until thoroughly blended.
3. Pour mixture into eight 1 1/2-to 2-ounce shot glasses.
4. Garnish with raspberries. Serve immediately.

What was your beverage of choice to see in the New Year?

Drop me a line in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

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