Wishing You All A Merry Christmas

I’m sitting here relaxing with a lovely cup of Red Rose Lemon Cake tea and remembering the excitement and magic of some Christmases past. This has always been a special time of year for me. Every year, when I was younger, we celebrated with Dad’s family on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day…and also made time to visit Mom’s parents.

On Christmas Eve, 10 of us would pack into Dad’s parents’ house – a two-family home with three rooms on each floor. Oh how we loved sharing a traditional Polish Christmas Eve dinner…well maybe we didn’t enjoy the fact that since the traditional meal was meatless, our usual beef and pork golumbkis were swapped for buckwheat ones, but the borscht and the pierogis more than made up for that “inconvenience.” And to this day, I truly believe my aunt lingered over her coffee and poppy seed bread while the six of us kids chomped at the bit to open presents.

And then there were the parties Mom and Dad threw for both sides of the family. Talk about a full house! Dad only had one sister, while Mom had six brothers and sisters. They were all married with children, so you can imagine how packed and noisy our house was and how much we enjoyed being on cousin overload, lol.

Each year, Dad would go out and buy our Christmas tree and always made sure to bring home extra branches. He’d drill holes in the tree and fill in with the branches, making sure we had a spectacularly full and beautiful tree. He’d put the lights on the tree and then it was up to us to decorate with ornaments – unbreakable ones for the first few years – garland and oh yes, tinsel, lots of tinsel. We were very excited when the unbreakable ornaments were retired and we got to decorate the tree with beautiful, posh, breakable ornaments. We felt so grown up.

Years later, we learned that Dad stayed up one Christmas Eve, putting together the Barbie Dream House my sister and I really wanted. No, it wasn’t a true Barbie Dream House, since they were pretty darn expensive. But whatever brand that dollhouse was, it sure didn’t matter to us. We loved it and it made a very happy home for our Barbies for years.

After my Dad was gone and my brother and sister had gotten married, and it was just Mom and me at home, she still made sure a few of my gifts were from Santa. She knew how much I cherished that tradition she and I shared.

I’m smiling through tears as I remember Dave asking me to marry him on December 22, 2007. We were sitting on the couch when he remarked that I usually wore a necklace, but that I hadn’t that day. When he brought out a jeweler’s box, I figured he had bought me a necklace, so I was blindsided – and that doesn’t happen often – when he opened the box and there was a beautiful diamond engagement ring. I think he just gotten the words out asking me to marry him when I answered – okay, make that shouted with glee – that I would marry him.

I hope your Christmas season is a joyous one. Merry Christmas and all the best for a Fabulous 2019 – and my sincerest thanks for sharing 2018 with me and my blog.


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