15 Questions To Ask A Wedding Photographer

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Congratulations – you’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Now you’ll need to find the perfect wedding photographer – one of the most important vendors you hire for your special day.

Don’t let what may feel like a daunting and monumental task dampen your joy. I’ve put together 15 essential questions you need to ask each wedding photographer you interview to ensure your wedding is captured just as you dreamed it would be.

1 – What’s your style of photography?
Photographers often specialize in a particular type of photography such as portraits, candid, artistic, photojournalistic, or traditional posed and formal. Take some magazine clippings or screen grabs from the Internet of photos you like to the meeting to show what styles of photography interest you.

2 – Do you shoot in color, black and white, or in a mix of both?
When wedding photography was exclusively film, photographers had to carry multiple cameras to capture images in both color and black and white. Now with digital photography, everything can be shot in color and converted to black and white at the post-production stage.

3 – Will the photographer give you a high-resolution CD/DVD of your images?
Some photographers will give you printing rights to your photos so you can have copies printed. Others prefer you to purchase your reprints directly from them. Find out your potential photographer’s policy prior to signing a contract.

4 – Are you willing to let us have input on the photos that we want?
Beware of a photographer who won’t take requested shots. Some wedding photographers will gladly work with a provided shot list, while others will not. If you have specific photos you want taken, make sure your photographer is happy to accommodate your requests. While you want your photographer to use his or her professional eye, it’s still your wedding.

5 – Do you work with an assistant or second photographer?
Sometimes you may want extra coverage at your wedding and an assistant or second shooter is necessary. This will depend upon your location and the number of guests, but it’s good to know if your photographer offers this.

6 – Do you have other events booked for the weekend of our wedding?
If a photographer’s already booked up, be sure you get a guarantee in writing that your wedding will be covered.

7 – What kind of equipment will you need to set up?
This will give you an idea of any modifications you need to make to your wedding decor or setup. Tripods, lighting and even assistants can minimize your space in a small location. Be sure everything is going to fit without being in the way of guests.

8 – Do you work well with videographers?
Videography is an important part of preserving your wedding memories. Some photographers work well with them, while others find them intrusive. If you want both a photographer and a videographer, make sure your photographer is aware.

9 – How do you handle it when guests want to take photos at the same time as you?
There are going to be guests who want to take the same pictures that the photographer is taking. How do you handle this situation?

10 – Can I see examples of your work?
While you’re looking through the online and sample albums, look at the quality of the pictures. Are they crisp and clear? Is the color balanced? The wedding photographer’s work should be something you’ll be proud to display and show off to your friends and family.

15 Questions To Ask A Wedding Photographer - A Cup of Kathy

Photo – http://www.blueeyepicturestudio. weebly.com

11 – What’s your turnaround time?
You’ll want to know how quickly the photos will be available for you to see.

12 – What will you wear to photograph the wedding?
Do they have dress clothes that they typically wear or do they dress casually? What image do you want them to portray as they mingle with your guests?

13 – Do you have extra equipment in case something breaks or goes wrong?
It happens, and good photographers are prepared. Ask them about their backup plans.

14 – What happens if the wedding lasts longer than we hired you for?
It’s good to have a plan in place in case this occurs. Will they stay late? Do they charge more for overtime?

15 – How can we pay for your services?
Do you accept credit cards, or will you allow us to break the payments into smaller installments?

Being able to connect with your wedding photographer is essential. You’ll be spending almost all of the day with that person who is capturing and chronicling your wedding day journey. Having your personalities and expectations click will make your special day smoother and more enjoyable and provide you with cherished wedding photographs and memories.

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