Red Rose Lemon Cake Tea

My Favorite Things - A Cup of Kathy

Sometimes I crave something sweet, and that craving often hits me out of the blue –sometimes it’s mid-morning, sometimes it’s mid-afternoon or sometimes it’s after dinner. I want something sweet, but with my commitment to living a healthier, more-inspired lifestyle, I don’t want the extra calories or sugar a regular sweet treat can bring, so it’s no candy bars, cookies or cake!

But since I’m also not a fan of feeling deprived, my latest favorite sweet treat comes from Red Rose – Lemon Cake Tea. Lemon is always a winner with me, and this herbal tea blend is really good.

Lemon Cake is a satisfying beverage and the sweet treat I reach for during a relaxing “me time” respite from my day or evening. And because each tea bag is individually wrapped, the wonderful lemony freshness is guaranteed every time I open the box. This way, I can enjoy a cup (or mug) of naturally flavored, caffeine free, zero calorie, lightly and naturally sweetened with stevia Lemon Cake tea anytime I want.

Red Rose Tea - A Cup of Kathy

Joining Lemon Cake in the Sweet Temptations line – and recent additions to my treat line up thanks to a trip to Christmas Tree Shop – are Caramel Apple Pie, Blueberry Muffin and Strawberry Cheesecake. These four teas give me more than a few choices when I want a delicious, rich and guilt-free indulgence. A cup has just enough sweetness to curb and satisfy my craving – which makes the Sweet Temptations line a winner in my book.

If those four flavors haven’t tickled my fancy and my more than a few sweet teeth enough, I’ve just gotten an email from Red Rose that indicates two new flavors have just been released – Peach Cobbler and Pumpkin Pie. Oh my – I can’t wait to give them a try! Thank you, Red Rose.

Red Rose Tea _ A Cup of Kathy

What’s your favorite “me time” beverage?

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