Skin Tone, Not Skin Tight

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Ah shapewear…at some point, most women succumb to the siren-like call that shapewear emits with its promise of helping us look slimmer, smoother and sleeker. And then the love-hate relationship begins.

Don’t expect shapewear to work miracles. But when we add wearing the right shapewear and the right size shapewear to a fit lifestyle commitment – healthy eating and an exercise plan – we can enjoy the boost to our confidence when our clothing fits right and flatters us.

A Cup of Kathy - Skin Tone Not Skin Tight

We hate when we’ve shimmied and squeezed into shapewear that’s a size too small, believing that being uncomfortable will somehow translate into an extra firm, smaller silhouette. Instead, we end up with bumps, bulges, ripples, lumps and a muffin top – which place a sizeable dent in our self-esteem and confidence.

Being sleek and comfortable don’t have to be mutually exclusive. The right size shapewear gives us a smooth and sleek look that translates into confidence. When we look good, we feel good, and it shows.

A Cup of Kathy - Skin Tone Not Skin Tight

Here are some tips to help you start or add to your shapewear wardrobe:

  • Buying shapewear via the Internet may be easy, but nothing beats heading to a store and trying on styles from several brands. Invest the time needed to see what fits, flatters and works best for you. Take your shapewear for a test drive in the fitting room – bend in it, move in it, sit in it. If the shapewear doesn’t fit smoothly everywhere or if it binds you, try on a different size. Shapewear that’s too small won’t boost your confidence or comfort level. No one wants to be so uncomfortable that she’s counting the minutes until she can peel off her torture suit.
  • You didn’t put your work or weekend wardrobes together overnight. Take the time to build your shapewear wardrobe and reap the benefits of comfortable and flattering garments that are appropriate for every occasion. One piece of shapewear won’t be enough to keep you looking and feeling your best for every occasion and in every outfit.
  • Though shapewear comes in soft shell and blush, luscious aqua and berry, gray, black, white and nude, I find that a nude/flesh tone is most flattering and works well under all materials, including sheer fabrics and clingy knits.
  • Treat your shapewear properly. Since it can be a costly investment, you’ll want the garments to last as long as possible. Wash your shapewear pieces by hand, even if the label says they’re machine washable to ensure that the elastic fibers so crucial to the fit of shapewear aren’t compromised. Wash in cold or warm water and use a gentle detergent. I use Woolite to wash my shapewear.
  • If you must wash your shapewear in a washing machine, put the pieces in a mesh lingerie bag. Don’t overload the bag. Your shapewear needs room to move. Use a gentle detergent and wash in cold or warm water. Bleach and machine drying can weaken the elastic fibers and spandex in shapewear. Air-drying is best.

I’m working on making better lifestyle choices – eating healthier and exercising. A well-fitting camisole and bike shorts that smooth and temporarily tone me for a sleeker silhouette also fit in nicely with my wellness plan.

What are your favorite pieces or brands of shapewear?

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2 thoughts on “Skin Tone, Not Skin Tight

  1. Juli Hoffman says:

    I don’t remember where I saw the post, but a couple of years ago, I saw a blog post where a plus-size model explained how she uses shapewear to fit into the Rockabilly dresses she models. She took pics of herself throughout the process. In her case, she often layers the shapewear, meaning she might use up to three different kinds of shapewear to get the desired result.

    I’ve never gone to her extreme, but I’ve layered two different shapewear items and got nice results. (I was attending a wedding.) The thing is, when you layer up, you don’t need to buy shapewear that’s so tight. Believe it or not, I actually felt less restricted than if I’d worn one really tight piece.

    Oh, the things we ladies do! 😀 LOL


    • acupofkathy says:

      What did we do before the advent of shapewear, lol. My friend Jini says it certainly can help hide a multitude of “sins.”

      I’ve layered shapewear, too. A sleek camisole and shaping pantyhose have allowed me to wear clingy fabrics with comfort and confidence after taming my tummy and keeping my hips and backside safely in check

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