Oh My Aching…

A Cup of Kathy - Health and Beauty

Most people can easily fill that blank in with a body part or two that gives them grief. After having carpal tunnel surgery on both wrists about 15 years ago, and being a writer who spends a good deal of time sitting and working at a computer, I make every effort to protect my hands, wrists, and back.

I’ve taken care to set up my home office to be as ergonomically efficient as possible and it all starts with my workstation. The 24-inch monitor is positioned at the correct height to ensure I don’t strain my neck or eyes while working. Continue reading

Winter Survival Tips For Your Home and Vehicle

Winter - A Cup of Kathy

Ah winter, how I loved it as a youngster. My sister and I couldn’t wait to get outside to play in the snow. We bundled up so the cold seldom bothered us. We were having way too much fun building igloos and snow forts to play in. The novelty of winter wore off when I became an adult. Shoveling, clearing snow off of the car and ice off of the windows, and driving in snow and ice were hardly fun activities. Continue reading

Winter Skin Survival Tips

A Cup of Kathy - Health and Beauty

Though the calendar doesn’t say we’re into winter just yet, autumn’s crisp air and chilly nights have given way to frigid air and wind chill here in New England, which means dry skin and cracked hands are looming on my horizon. And since no one wants dry, cracked or flaky skin, I’ve come up with some helpful tips on how to keep your skin healthy, hydrated, smooth and flake-free. Continue reading

I’m Thankful For Green Bean Casserole

Recipes - A Cup of Kathy

As I sat down to a delicious Thanksgiving meal at my cousin Robert and his wife Sue’s home, I couldn’t wait for the turkey platter to be passed around. Sue is a very good cook and this year was no exception. She made two turkeys, one about 22 pounds and the other about 18 pounds. Talk about turkey heaven! I’ve yet to have a bad meal that Sue’s prepared…so it’s no hardship to accept their invitation. Continue reading